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Unique lady bug Let it out.

1020181417.jpgLady bug

Letting out the unique personality one has can change everything, and create an opportunity to a change of any sorts.

Let your mind shine and let out that unique Lady bug out there, everyone has there own minds that shines in so many ways, we are all brilliant in one way or another, but together we can make something out of it. πŸ˜€


2018, Art, Life

Shine & Believe


Shine & Believe

You will shine once you believe in yourself, this happens to everyone and everyone who believes will believe in you too. The confidence one has passed it to one another like a chain, keeps going around and around helping each other feel the same way which the light in one starts to shine and everyone sees that light shining in you. β­πŸ‘πŸ’Ž

So Shine and Believe pass it around. πŸ’Žβ­


2018, Art, Life

Travel North Platte Nebraska/ Buffalo Bill


My trip to North Platte Nebraska with my kids and husband.

What a long ride but worth the travel to see new sites and experience the fun on the roadΒ  to see and tell about it. Fresh air you get on every stop you make, see those smiling faces on my kids are priceless, you get to enjoy every moment and to explore and know some history of the places you go is much more fun than just sitting home and read about, but to be out there to experience it in real life, so much that words can’t explain how happy and exciting it is to actually be there.

The story about Buffalo Bill

William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman. He was born in Le Claire, Iowa later on settled in Midwest Kansas.

Cody is purported to have killed 4,282 buffalo in eighteen months in 1867 and 1868.


2018, Life

Night comes


When night comes it becomes quiet and calm, all creatures of the night starts to come out. While others it’s time to sleep and relax.

Many things happens at night πŸŒ™ just to take time to observe all around and you will see what I mean. As Night Comes so does the clouds ☁ or stars 🌟 you will see up so high in the sky. πŸŒ…

2018, Art, Life

When you got it, you got it.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š


When you got it, you got it.

When ever you have something infront of you anything like paper or any material, that’s the art of things comes into your mind, that you can create anything out of anything. Art is so much more than just paint and draw but to have the heart ❀ of imagination to create, to let the art speak and for one to see it’s observation, meaning of thoughts. One truly will understand. 🌈 it’s creativity.